Zucchini Blossoms

Short film   D | 2012

Marie is fifteen years old when her mother leaves for a romantic weekend trip with her attractive new boyfriend. All of a sudden, Marie seems to be confronted everywhere by the subject of love and passion. Even her ageing Great Aunt Mathilde seems to have led an exciting love life at one point, and her best friend, Laura, makes out incessantly with her boyfriend Tobi.
Newspaper and television, too, all seem to confirm that sexuality and desire rule the world. Marie wants, finally, to be part of it all, too, and decides to take matters into her own hands and get rid of her virginity…

Script and Director:
Sonja Maria Kröner

Alina Stiegler, Antje Widdra, Stefan Lehnen, Evelyn Voigt, David Zimmerschied, Melanie Mira Kim, a.o.

Director of Photography:
Julia Daschner

Anna Kappelmann

Khaled Kaissar, Balint Tolnay-Knefely


Length | Material:
22 min. | 16mm

Year of Production:

Kaissar Film

In cooperation with:
HFF Munich

Supported by: