The Turtle’s Rage

Documentary film   D | 2012

“When I was twelve, my father returned to Palestine. We remained behind in Berlin. His dream of building a house and fighting for a free Palestine was shattered: He was expelled by the Isrealis. There he stood again at our door. Tired eyes. Tired bones. My mother looked at him and, saying nothing, let him in. Since then, he has been sitting in the basement, like a turtle tucked away in his shell.”

The Turtle’s Rage tells the story of an enigmatic man, whose life is shaped by flight and expulsion, exile, and the failed attempt to return to Palestine. His is a life torn by the Israel-Palestine conflict. It is the story of the director’s father and of a daughter’s search for answers. It is the story of their journey together through Egypt, Palestine and Jordan. A story so nuanced as to thwart the simplified notions of victim and perpetrator, good and evil, black and white.


  • Visions du Réel (Nyon, Switzerland) 2012
  • Internationales Frauen Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne 2012
  • Achtung Berlin Award 2012
  • Dok.Fest Internationales Dokumentarfilm Festival Munich 2012
  • Docest Rumänien
  • Internationales Dokumentafilm Festival Taiwan
  • 9. Dubai International Film Festival 2012
  • Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2013


  • Visions du Réel (Nyon: Regard Neuf) 2012
  • Award of the City of Rome 2012' for the Best Documentary
  • New Talent Award of the city of Duisburg 2012
  • Audience Award of the Rheinischen Post for the Most Popular Film
  • Best Film and the Producer Award Dubai at the International Film Festival in the Category Arabic  Documentary 2012
  • Al Jazeera Golden Award at the 9th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2013

Script and Director:
Pary El-Qalqili

Director of Photography:
Aline László

Ulrike Tortora

Khaled Kaissar

Documentary film

Length | Material:
70 Min. | HD

Year of Production:

Kaissar Film

In coproduction with:
BR, Arte& HFF München

Christian Baudissin (BR), Prof. Jochen Kölsch und Monika Lobkowicz (Arte)

mec Film