Mountain Blood

Historical drama   D | 2010

The educated, physician’s daughter, Katharina, leaves her life of privilege and her parents behind in Bavaria to join her young, South Tyrolean husband, Franz, on his parent’s mountain farmstead. There she lives through the year of the South Tyrolean popular uprising in all its severity.  While Franz and his brother are taken up by the enthusiasm of Andreas Hofer and the struggle for freedom, entering a hopeless war against France and Bavaria, Katharina fights for the recognition of the remaining mountain people, tying her fate inextricably to the victories and defeats of the South Tyrolean folk heroes.

This ambitious, historical film combines a fictional family drama with historical events to tell the story of the South Tyrolean popular uprising of 1809 from a unique perspective.


  • Bozner Filmtage 2010
  • Shanghai International Filmfestival 2010
  • Filmfest Munich 2010
  • Film Festival della Lessinia 2010
  • Mostra Int. de Cinema Sao Paulo 2011
  • Cleveland International Filmfestival 2011


  • BR Audience Award (Munich)
  • Audience Choice Award & Prize of the Province Verona (Lessinia)

Script and Director:
Philipp J. Pamer

Inga Birkenfeld, Wolfgang Menardi, Anton Algrang, Verena Plangger, Götz Burger, Jutta Speidel, Gerd Anthoff, Hans Stadlbauer, Eisi Gulp, Mathieu Carrière, a.o.

Director of Photography:
Namche Okon

Katrin Reichwald

Sami Hammi

Florian Reimann, Khaled Kaissar

Historical drama

Length | Material:
120 min. | 35mm

Year of Production:

FR Entertainment

In coproduction with:
Kaissar Film, Remulus Film, Bayerischer Rundfunk & HFF München

Natalie Lambsdorff

Summiteer Films, EMW Film

Supported by:
FFF Bayern