Daniel’s Ashes

Short film   D | 2010

Daniel said once he would rather have his ashes spread over lake Chiemsee than end up in the pompous, family crypt. When Daniel dies unexpectedly in an accident, his girlfriend, Sophia, plans to fulfill his wish. But Daniel’s parents will not hear of it, so 19-year-old Sophia takes matters into her own hands and steals Daniel’s ashes from the urn shortly before they are to be interred. Unfortunately, her clever plan threatens to fail at the first traffic control point – and even sparks a massive marital conflict between her own parents.

A tragicomedy about dealing with death, biological tobacco, chaotic family relationships and the question, where can you get the best fish dinner at Chiemsee.


  • Hofer Filmtage 2010
  • Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2010
  • International Festival of Filmschools Munich 2010
  • Rencontres Henri Langlois Poitiers 2010
  • Landshuter Kurzfilmfest 2011
  • Kino Knock Out Festival Altkirch 2011
  • Liftree Filmfestival Colorado 2011
  • New York No Limits Film Festival 2011
  • Manhattan Film Festival 2011
  • Shorts at Moonlight 2011
  • Emmentaler Filmtage 2011
  • Filmfestival Münster 2011
  • FIKE Kurzfilmfestival Portugal 2011
  • Comedy Cluj Romania 2011
  • European Spiritual Film Festival Paris 2012


  • Panther Preis (Best German Film Production, Munich)
  • Prix Interculturel (For Fostering Intercultural Dialogue, Munich)
  • Screenplay (Poitiers)
  • Audience Award (Landshut)
  • Audience Choice Award & Doing Life Award (Lifetree Filmfestival)
  • 2nd Place Skoda Short Film Prize (Shorts at Moonlight)
  • Prize of the Student Jury (Münster)
  • Best Euorpean Short Film (FIKE)
  •  Honorable Mention Don Quixote Award (FIKE)
  • Best Student Film (Cluj)
  • Best Spiritual Short Film (ESFF)

Script and Director:
Boris Kunz

Katharina Leonore Goebel, Matthias Brenner, Doris Buchrucher, Constantin Rieß, Christian Schneller, Cornelia Heyse, Horst Krauss, Andreas Heinzel, a.o.

Director of Photography:
Martin Niklas

René Loos

Konstantin Ferstl

Khaled Kaissar, Baltin Tolnay-Knefely, Magdalena Rathmann


Length | Material:
31 min. | HD

Year of Production:

Kaissar Film

In coproduction with:
Bayerischer Rundfunk, HFF Munich

Dr. Claudia Gladziejewski